South Wales Male Nudists

Some guidelines:

We are not a "web only" group and therefore you won’t see any member profiles or pictures on the site.  The website is only a tool for arranging gatherings and keeping everyone informed.

We do not publish lists of members, if you wish to exchange your contact information with others then this should be done whilst attending a gathering.

Individual hosts will have a sensible limit on the number of guys they can accommodate, this is why they are responsible for managing invites for their events.

If you want to attend a specific gathering, then you’ll need to contact the host for that event.  They will then confirm if there space for you.

As a courtesy to hosts and fellow members, if you find that you subsequently cannot attend the event then please let the host know in good time.  This will allow us to offer the space to the next person on the waiting list.

Please treat our hosts’ homes with respect:

-       No nudity outside designated areas

-       Please be respectful when entering and leaving a venue

-       Please ensure good personal hygiene

-       Smoking only in designated areas

-       Overnight accommodation only if agreed previously with the host

And having said that, all that remains is to get our kits off and enjoy a social setting with like minded guys.